Welcome on Todon Events

Todon Events is a federated events website, powered by the open-source Gancio. Your events can easily be shared with the rest of the fediverse, RSS, iCalendar (.ics), your blog and even on capitalist social media.

We also run the radical leftist anti-authoritarian Mastodon servers Todon.eu and Todon.nl. Therefore events published here should be in line with our Terms of Service.

If you are on todon.eu or todon.nl you can request a new account with the same email address you use for your Mastodon account. Everyone else need to explain what kind of events they want to add. Please give us time to approve your account request. Read here why we only prefer activist/political content on Todon Events.

You can also add events anonymously without an account, but we need to approve (or decline) those events manually and another disadvantage is that you can't edit anonymous events afterwards.