Callout for a NO BORDER BLOC at the MOVE Demo
Picture from someone standing on the street with a cardboard banner saying 'ABOLISH FRONTEX' standing on the ground between their feet.

Join us at the MOVE Demo of the 15th of June for the anarchist NO BORDER BLOC.

If we want to fight for a world without oppression and with freedom of movement for all, we have to abolish borders and the state.

The border regime is a deadly regime that is essential in upholding global inequality and creating an exploitable workforce. Capital needs borders in order to be able to exploit people and have them put and remain in marginalized positions. Moreover, borders uphold colonial power structures that continue to oppress people and protect the wealth of the global North. Furthermore, the state clearly offers no solution for the climate crisis as it exists to protect capital, while more and more people are displaced due to environmental destruction. Meanwhile, the military industry profits off creating war and keeping out the people that are displaced as a consequence while thousands die as a result of the border industrial complex.

We therefore call for an anarchist No border bloc. For freedom of movement for all, against borders and against nations!

Practical info

  • 15 June 14:00 @ Dam Square Amsterdam

  • Gather @ the Abolish Frontex banner

  • Bring banners and your anger!

Stop the war on migrants (source)